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Browse Illusions Games
Play Black Dot Black Dot

Stare at the black dot for a few seconds. The gray haze will...
(Played 3940 times)
Play Building illusion Building illusion

How can this be?...
(Played 3003 times)
Play Center Square Illusion Center Square Illusion

Is the center square moving? Nope!...
(Played 2878 times)
Play Circles Illusion Circles Illusion

Are either of the rings moving? They're both stationary....
(Played 2450 times)
Play Color test illusion Color test illusion

Look at the chart and say the color, not the word!...
(Played 4334 times)
Play Crazy circle illusion Crazy circle illusion

OK, this one REALLY looks like it moves when you stare at it...
(Played 3107 times)
Play Do the Wave Do the Wave

Scroll up and down. Is this image doing the wave? Nope! It's...
(Played 2452 times)
Play Elephant legs illusion Elephant legs illusion

How many legs does this elephant have?...
(Played 2895 times)
Play Flashing Dots Flashing Dots

Are these dots flashing? No - it's an illusion!...
(Played 2476 times)
Play Green Wave Illusion Green Wave Illusion

The objects aren't moving. Cool, huh?...
(Played 2151 times)
Play Horizontal lines illusion Horizontal lines illusion

Are the horizontal lines parallel or do they slope? They're ...
(Played 2218 times)
Play Parallel lines illusion Parallel lines illusion

These lines are actually parallel - they just look slanted....
(Played 1910 times)
Play Red Fence Illusion Red Fence Illusion

The lines are straight. Hold up a notecard or a piece of pap...
(Played 2127 times)
Play Round circle illusion Round circle illusion

This circle is actually round!...
(Played 2152 times)
Play Same size circles illusion Same size circles illusion

Although it looks like the inner circle on the left is large...
(Played 2110 times)
Play Same size illusion Same size illusion

These two figures are actually the same size!...
(Played 1722 times)
Play Same size rectangles illusion Same size rectangles illusion

These two rectangles are actually the same size!...
(Played 2122 times)
Play Shade illusion Shade illusion

Squares A and B are the same color! Don't believe it? Open t...
(Played 2347 times)
Play Shades of green illusion Shades of green illusion

There's only one shade of green in this picture....
(Played 3220 times)
Play Spiral illusion Spiral illusion

This isn't a continuous spiral - it's actually a bunch of ci...
(Played 3762 times)
Play Stationary image illusion Stationary image illusion

The image won't move, but it might make you sick!...
(Played 3311 times)
Play To spiral or not to spiral To spiral or not to spiral

While it looks like this image is a spiral, it's actually ma...
(Played 4226 times)


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